Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Navigation Project: Epic workload

Concept Art done
Essay Done
Beginning and End Storyboards done
Animatic done
Alan's Pre-Viz done
Middle Storyboards, line work completed, no shading yet
Pre-Viz of final scene 50% done

Pretty close to finishing, should get the full amount of sleep Thursday night, woop.

Going to save showing it off for the friday critique, so don't mark me down for no recent blogs posts Phil :)


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom,

It's funny; all my endless oratory about the importance of planning, engagement and time-management is actually asking students to award themselves the luxury of sleep; and the best kind; the deep, anxiety-free variety that follows hard physical labour (which is why I'm also a landscape gardener in my 'other life' - mud is good for the soul), or the knowledge that all is done and dusted; i want students to enjoy their crits; success is its own reward, right? Anyway, I look forward to friday then; some general pointers; take charge of the room; in other words, don't worry what others might think, just present confidently and authoritatively; you are trying to precis your work-flow, so don't outstay your welcome; what does your audience need from you to grasp the salient details of your five week experience? There is an art to pitching stuff to others, perhaps best expressed as 'less is more'; keep it focused, keep it strong, and give yourself a public persona; what makes audiences uncomfortable is tentativeness, pomposity, arrogance and verbosity; get the balance right, and the audience will simply take what you say seriously. Good luck with the finishing touches - and don't be an apologist.

Tom Beg said...

I'm very sorry for being such an apologist...sorry!

tutorphil said...

Ha ha!

tutorphil said...

Oh yeah - I forgot to say, while I appreciate the showmanship of keep the work back for the crit, could you ensure that you upload all finished work after the friday, just so the blog is book-ended; it's what I'd like all students to do; also, I would like to see more of your Maya exercises get included in your journal; it's not a part of the first year experience I particularly get to see (at least not until the projects encompass it more finally), and I also think it's good discipline to publish these exercises, even though they may not always be formally assessed.

Tom Beg said...

I must say, there's something quite unsettling about your presence on my blog.