Thursday, 12 February 2009

Navigation Project: Concept Art

Concept Art for the hallway in the Forest that the Taxidermist steps out onto. (Final one is the bottom image). I decided to try out some different techniques and stuff with this one, final outcome is pretty decent.

Not exactly a masterpiece i'd say, it feels quite busy and is difficult to understand but I think it shows off the atmosphere I want to achieve fairly well. I'm still not great at composing dynamic shots however, something I need to improve upon for sure.


tutorphil said...

Tom! Really like this concept art; it very precisely conveys the mood you're hunting for: i think your compositional flair is coming on just fine; more generally, I'd like to see you project more confidence; you're producing consistently interesting work, and your commitment to your own development is very satisfying to see - LOVE the 16:9 decision - very impactful, see? If you can, try and find the 'Hamlet' episode of the animated Shakespeare series produced by BBC Wales; it had this wonderfully monochromatic, painterly style of which your digital painting reminds me... anyway, keep at it, because it's all looking very promising.