Wednesday, 4 February 2009

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After procrastinating long enough it's definitely time to get some solid story idea's down.

This post probably doesn't make much sense from a cohesive point of view (though I have kept it understandable), rather it's literally just the thoughts quickly jotted down into Word as idea's pop into my head. Pretty much just like notepad. They are not final. enjoy my ramblings:


I definitely want my animation to have a kind of classic modern sci-fi, like a Phillip Dick inspired world.

In terms of era the story is set in future of the real world (Earth). I’m still unsure of the exact place however but it is within a gritty, dystopian world. Possibly a real world city or country. If this is set in a more technologically advanced time then, then country or place in question would need be wealthy. Setting it in Africa for example doesn’t make much sense.

Possible Places:

The Middle-East (Parts of India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia). I like this one. This could defiantly be interesting especially given the fact that these types of places aren’t typically used in sci-fi.

The forest itself is actually the name of an industrial wasteland??? Called the Forest because of the density of waste etc…

The forest as a take on the idea of cyberspace

A forest is typically a place that is alive, this could be a dead forest…

Outside the city??? Within the city???

Rather than the main character being the Taxidermist, the main character could someone else, this gives quite a bit of room to expand the plot and world a bit more to breathe.

A Taxidermist is someone who preserves dead animals (could even be people).

The Taxidermists are people who hunt humans?? A real taxidermist probably doesn’t kill the animals himself; rather a hunter would do that and the use the Taxidermist to preserve the animal. Having the Taxidermist doing all the killing perhaps doesn’t make much sense. The Taxidermist would have to be working for someone. (The government???, private firms???)

Taxidermy for sport???

The purpose of a camera is to preserve and capture a moment, just as a Taxidermist preserves an animal, obvious similarities there. The camera could possibly be used as tool by the Taxidermist in this world.

Early idea: the camera as the plot device. The camera itself only appears briefly at the start, in possession of the main protagonist. We see the main character removing film from the camera, then destroying the camera, the mystery and purpose of the film and camera drives the story.


More to come hopefully


tutorphil said...

Evening Tom, Scary, huh? Big Brother is watching you! But seriously, I know you're struggling to find an authentic concept that can unite your three components, but I like what I see in terms of you really exploring the possibilities and going beyond the conventional; like the idea of the 'forest' being some kind of industrial wasteland - ironic! Tarkovsky would be proud, I'm thinking! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your digital illustration/painting, so be sure that your blog is image-rich! I hope the Polanksi-fest has given you something to think about for your essay; I'm a big fan of The Tenant and Repulsion; I like neurotic buildings, I guess!