Thursday, 29 January 2009

Navigation Project: Update Early thoughts

Der three things...


I like the idea of a rogue Taxidermist, not necessarily the type of Rogue Taxidermist who creates funny looking animals out of other animals like this but more like a wandering vagabond Taxidermist.


Not so keen on the literal meaning of the a Forest, trees are great and all that but so much has been done with tree's, leaves, bark and animal droppings that its tough to get excited by the prospect of having a literal forest as the setting for my story. Certainly going to side-step, but doesn't mean that it won't take some inspiration from a forest. A forest to me seems too obvious a place for a taxidermist to hang about.


No idea what this camera will do, stupid camera. Perhaps it'll get broken and then incinerated within the first couple seconds and serve as the 'MacGuffin'. Also obvious links between what a camera does and what a taxidermist does. I think some blatant in your face symbolism is totally in order here.


Wandering Vagabond Taxidermist, goes to Forest which isn't actually a Forest, takes pictures of Animals, done.


High School RomCom with Taxidermy