Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Pre-Viz Project: Update 1

Alongside our current project Alan has set us a small project to do in Maya which is a do 'pre-viz' of an existing film or game of our choice. This is to give us an understanding of how to use various tools in Maya such as camera and animation but also to help us understand how films are visualized and planned out. Unfortunately the types of films and games that need this sort of treatment aren't exactly my cup of tea, so Im not too sure what film or game I really want to do.

The only action films that I really like tend to be Hong-Kong action films from directors like John Woo and Ringo Lam which are a sort of guilty pleasure of mine. The Killer is probably my favourite Asian movie but the type of action scenes in that film aren't very suitable, mainly because animating hundreds of blokes getting shot would be really diffiicult for a person with the skills that I possess in Maya to actually do within a reasonable timeframe

Heroic Bloodshed Hong Kong gunplay