Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Digital Environments: Update 1

According to the brief our project is to create a "A digitally produced tableau vivant-style ‘photograph’ of a digitally modelled environment that demonstrates clearly your understanding of the various ways in which environmenmay derive and communicate their identity through spatial representation and the miseen-scène. Tableau vivant images should be produced in Maya. Important: your final image must be supported by a developmental design portfolio encompassing initial sketches, photography, and resolved concept art/digital paintings."

This is going to be the first real work that I have done in Maya, the stuff I have done so far is mostly made from following tutorials given to us by Alan which have covered various parts of Maya such as modeling, animation, lighting, textures, animation and cameras. Following these tutorials without making mistakes or something going wrong is hard enough, so producing an entire set from scratch is going to be pretty challenging.