Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Digital Environments: Journey of a Concept Art

A quick rundown of how I created a piece of concept art for the current project and final thoughts.

Initially I wanted my my first piece of concept art for this project to be a homage to the scene above from El Topo, where he finds the town that has been massacred by Bandits.

Firstly I started I just sketching various ideas, obviously idea of the river of blood and buildings on the side are idea's practically ripped from the film. I incorporated mountains into the background and included a strange blue building as well. Very quickly I realized that this clearly looks nothing like El Topo, instead I thought it looked like Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence or something equally unsuitable for the project brief and what I wanted to do, but I felt that there was a decent kind of idea somewhere about.

After some thought I cut off the entire top half of image, changed the sky to clear blue and moved the blood over to the right slightly. Instantly this changed the entire feel of the image, it now looks somewhat more like El Topo and a desert.

I then experimented with the image by duplicating and moving the fences and blood around a bit, in order to give off a different sort of feeling. I also included a strange monolith type building in the background to give a sense of eeriness. I also included some rough footprints to attempt to give image a little bit of narrative. To me this now looked like a North African battlefield from World War 2. Although it looked sort of interesting this is really not what I wanted.

Once again I decided to strip image of a lot of detail and content. I also cropped the top of the image to make it much more panoramic. I touched up the ground to make it look rough, randomized the fence a bit and painted in some some clouds. I got rid of the blood as it looked really stupid and not very realistic in relation to the rest of the image. I changed the tower building to something that I felt looked a lot more 'Eastern'.

This is the concept final image. I felt that the previous image was a little bit bland. I changed the time of day from midday to sun set. I also included a line of graves by the sides of each fence to give the image a bit of a creepy feeling but also because these types of graves are very common in El Topo.

In terms of this being a good image I think that it succeeds fairly admirably. However in terms of how it relates to fulfilling the brief then it probably isn't that successful. I don't think that this is a bad thing however, what this piece has showed me is that if I modeled this scene then it probably wouldn't work. In that sense it has done its job has a piece of concept art. While I'm sad to let it go it has showed me how I need to progress my project and the next job will be to do more concepts incorporating what I learned from this piece.