Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Digital Environments: El Topo

My understanding of the project brief based on what films we have watched and presentations that Phil has shown is that I need to create a scene looks creepy or strange and as if something odd has occured. I think an obvious choice would be to create a creepy room in normal house but that seems a little cliched to me so i want to go for something different. A film that I think fits well with the brief is 'El Topo' which is a low-budget 1970 Mexican film directed by all round mad-man Alejandro Jodorowsky. El Topo could be described as a Spaghetti Western stlye film although I think that applies mostly to the first half of the film. In terms of its relationship to the project El Topo has a bunch of weird environments and buildings which seem out of place compared to the arid desert and some scenes have a distinct Giorgio De Chirico vibe to them. Jodorowsky is known for his overt use of religious symbolism and themes in his films and this gets pretty apparent in the second part of the film.