Thursday, 20 November 2008

Final Concepts

These are my final pieces:

This is my first scene from the book First Men In The Moon. I used the lasso tool and gradient tool to create the landscape and then brushed over the top to give it some texture. Overall I wanted to create something that looked alien as that’s how I feel the Moon is represented in the book. The little stick thingeys help give it a good sense of scale.

This scene was quite a bit different in the way it was constructed compared to the crater. It is constructed using the same methods that I used for the crater, the lasso tool and gradients. With the crater scene I was able to have a bit of liberty with the construction because it was supposed to look quite alien. In this scene I have to really think about how to make the cave look like an actual cave. Overall I think that I have succeeded in doing so. I have used the colour dodge tool on the walls of the cave to give it a kind of reflective look and I have included a few rays of light of light to make it look a bit more dramatic.

With this scene I went for a slightly different look. On my previous two concept art pieces I was using the gradient tool and lasso tool and painting over the top of the shapes. This time I was mostly using just the paint tool. I have used gradients but they only for the platforms, To create something that looks quite dramatic I have included some dramatic looking shadows on the platforms as well as using dramatic shadows on the people standing on the platforms. In my opinion this digital painting actually looks quite surreal. Overall though I’m pretty happy at the outcome of this one, I wanted to create something that looked dramatic and I think that I have succeeded.