Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Portrait Project: Update #2

What is a Portrait to me?

I believe that the Portrait can be considered a picture into the ‘soul’. A photograph is a just a single moment in time. A painted portrait is created over different moments in time, therefore it is almost biographical, it can tell a story. Therefore it is easier to capture someone's real identity in a painting.

A portrait is a good way to portray identity, but also a good way to hide or distort an identity. If I say that the person in a picture is me, who can question that? Through a portrait your identity can be entirely controlled to paint a picture of your identity that you have crafted yourself, whether it be flattering, ironic, a completely different person, beyond the realm of reality etc

What I want to create:

Possibly a hand drawn portrait rather than a photograph.

Take into account idea of a portrait telling a story or being biographical.

But a story which perhaps isn’t true.

In a style similar to that of Egon Schiele due to the way that his portraits can truly tell something about him.